Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let There Be Light -- Part 2

So after weeks of tracking down an electrician and getting quotes, the Artemide Talo Suspension light is finally up and installed in the kitchen, centered to the island.  The ceiling doesn't look great, but that comes with the territory of condo/loft living and having to run a raceway from an existing outlet to the desired location. Concrete ceilings and electricity can be a tricky matter. ;P

I am happy with the amount of light I'm getting, as my apartment is very dark during the day, as it's West facing.  It is nice to also have a contrast of brighter whites and warmer yellows in shades of lighting.  The lighting has lit the room entirely differently than the track lighting that was previously installed by the builder, and now, the opposite chalk board wall that I had just painted looks ALOT better than I had previously thought. :)

My favourite light in my entire apartment is the wasabi green Poulsen 50.  Looking at it now, I should've dropped it a couple inches lower......oh well, c'est la vie.  I am working on letting go. ;)


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