Monday, October 18, 2010

Scandinavian Animals at the Fair -- Matryoshka Dolls ~ Set 1

This is the 1st set of Matryoshka dolls that I've painted.  In all honesty, I have not touched a paint brush in 10 or so years and I must confess I have now completely fallen back in love with it.  Most art pieces that I've painted in the past are mostly "functional" vs. canvases, and this is no exception.

I will not take credit for this idea because it was originally inspired by Irina Troitskaya who's work is ever lovely and flawless. 

Lastly, I usually never keep what I paint, so needless to say, this set of sweet-toothed arctic animals are now safe and sound in Umeå, Sverige, keeping a lovely little Prince company throughout the winter months. ;)

Here's the entire process, from start to finish.....

Rough Sketches and Colour Study:

 Here they are unpainted:

Base coat:

Sketched and outlined:

Colouring in each animal:

After varnishing... too bad I over varnished as there are some yellow banding on the Arctic Fox, Snow Owl and Snow Hare...... *sigh*:

Personalized message at the bottom:

Here they are getting ready for their long journey:


  1. oh wow charlyn! these are so adorable! I am so happy you are painting! I am terrible with a paint brush! I can never control them!
    These all turned out so beautifully!

  2. Aww, thank youuu, you're too kind! :**
    The 2nd set actually turned out much better...but I can't blog about it until a later date. ;)
    I think you can paint! Just takes a bit of practice, no? ;)

  3. Those are adorable! Great job, Charlyn!

  4. Thank you Melinda!! I'm glad you like them! :D
    I'm anxious to start painting on my 3rd set...!