Sunday, December 26, 2010

December Moments....

This is my last post for this year, as I'm heading off to Berlin for New Years.

Here are some favourite moments captured from this month....

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a wonderful New Year! xoxo

Goodies in the mail.....

Herriot Grace's hand crafted cloud cookie cutter:

Gift from lovely Melinda Josie:

Polaroids taken on a rainy day at the Christmas Fair at the Distillery:


  1. merry christmas Charlyn!
    I actually have been dreaming of going back to Berlin! I am so jealous you are going to be there for New Years! It sounds like the perfect place to be for New Years!
    you want to know something funny? I actually wrapped your HG purchase! I was over at Nikole's house helping her a little bit with her orders, for fun! And yours was one of the few I wrapped! haha!

    We have to go for brunch in the new year k?

  2. Helloooo lovely friend!
    Yes, we really do have to get together for a New Years brunch! I'll be back on the 7th and will send an email out to our gang!
    Heehee, that was lovely wrapping on the HG Cookie Cutter.... ;)

  3. Such lovely treats! I hope you are having an amazing 2011 so far! xo

  4. I <3 the caribou-polaroid! :-)

  5. You too dear Anabela!
    Loving all your totes!!!! Eeee! ;)