Sunday, July 24, 2011

Canada Post Woes

I sometimes question the universe (and perhaps myself included) when you have the best intentions for something good to happen but it ends up not happening.

A package I had sent overseas never arrived.  It makes me wonder that once upon a time, this was the only method to communicate, so I trust that it should be a reliable service, no?  :P  Unfortunately, this package was not trackable because we have the 3 options of , "well,  delivery by surface will take at least 2 months and it will cost $5, air will cost $20, and trackable by air with cost $80".  Ummm....sooo yeaaah, I pick option 2 please. 

It was important to me because it was a special package that had multiple surprises for the receiver and one extra surprise for someone who was visiting the receiver at that time.
Canada Post reimbursed me the money, but I don't care, because there are things in there that can't be duplicated, and the contents inside exceeds any monetary value.  This was the 2nd time that this has happened, except the 1st time I could go out and re-purchase the gifts, but with this time, what might be gone will be gone forever.

I am still expecting some things in the mail from overseas but let's see when that actually arrives as the mail was sent here during a Canada Post strike.

I sincerely apologize for the rant and I suppose I should focus on all the other mail that has reached their intended destinations vs. the few that didn't.

Perhaps somehow this is yet another test in faith and patience for yours truly.
(-- time to meditate --)


  1. oh this sort of disappointment can settle into your bones it seems. there is such joy in the giving of things, so i feel your frustration and sadness. i hope the items somehow are found and arrive at their intended destination.

  2. kitchu: Thank you dear for your kind words. :*
    I too hope that it arrives to where it's intended to...or I might start making a whole new package altogether this coming long weekend. *sigh*

  3. Hello! I got here from Sandra Juto's blog. I know this post is a few days old, but I wanted to share a story that might give you a bit of hope. A few years ago I sent a zine from Calgary to Winnipeg and it took THREE MONTHS.

    Kind of weird that that's meant to be a hopeful story, huh? :)

  4. Samantha: Hello! :) What is funny is that this missing package is for Sandra!
    Thank you for sharing your story! I tried starting to re-make things in the package yesterday and it made me so sad..... :(

  5. Ha, funny coincidence! That reminds me: I once mailed a package to Sandra too, and it took so long to get there; much longer than I thought reasonable and longer than Canada Post had anticipated. But it did get there!

  6. Samantha: Thank you for giving me hope, Samantha! I will wait it out for a while longer for sure! *fingers and toes crossed* ;)