Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Souvenirs From Porto

Before I start my London posts, I just want to conclude Porto with some lovely souvenirs.

Wonderful gift(s) from C...

Obrigado! xoxo

Antique matches from here...

Love the retro feel of (a lot of) the package design of Portugese goodies. Here's a little example that I brought back from this beautiful store...

Até logo, Porto! :*


  1. those packages are cool!
    I think that here in Finland also a lot of goodies preserved their original packages, which makes them more interesting!

  2. Cool gifts and souvenirs!
    The blue bird is adorable.
    Uhh and the matches!
    and and... I want to go to Porto too!

  3. Your Porto pictures have been so good! Now I'm eager to see London. :)

  4. Polly: I really need to come to Finland!!! :O

    Michelle: You need to go there - it's such an inspiring place filled with warm people and character.

    Samantha: Awww, you are too kind!!! London is coming right up..... ;)

  5. awww! :*
    I am looking forward to seeing the London photos! And I miss yooooou!

  6. Cris/Cristina Regadas: :*** Honestly, I can't thank you and José enough! I miss you all lots! xoxoxo