Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Fair -- Distillery, Toronto

The other week, I took a chilly bike ride over to the annual Christmas Fair at the Distillery...

I enjoyed a typical Canadian snack....

Also had cinnamon pecans that were still hot from the roaster...mmmm....

Then, before I left, I had to bid "adieu" to the reindeer(s)...


  1. It seems that you don't need to worry about the weight issue and eat as much candy as you lucky you!:) Have a nice Christmas season, dear Hopscotch!

  2. another beautiful fair *_*
    tiny tom :-D awww and the reindeers!

  3. Fei An: Bwahahhaa! It's because I had a 2 hr workout earlier that day.... ;) Hope you're having a lovely December!

    Polly: I think you would love Tiny Tom donuts! Mmmmm.... ;D

  4. Hehe, a 2 hr wonder:) You become my idol girl instantly! Enjoy, dear Hopscotch!

  5. jealous about those cinamon pecans. never tried, but they look just delicious!

  6. Mmm cinnamon pecans! And the reindeer is so cute.

  7. The nutty Bavarian - that is hilarious!

  8. mieke willems: Awww! They are super delicious! The festival is over, but if they're back next year, I will mail you some! ;D

    Junaluska: :D Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for visiting!

    Maren: Heeheee...I knew that would get a laugh out of you.... ;) xoxo