Friday, January 27, 2012

Hot Pot Dinner - Hong Kong

I must confess the food (and shopping) in HK was super.

On my last night there, we had a wonderful hot pot dinner....

First, you mix your own dipping sauce:

Then, you wait patiently for the soup to boil...

Once the soup is ready, we drop some goodies dumplings, veggies, seafood and meat...

Then you feast, and all the while wondering when a hot pot dinner will ever taste this good again!

Farewell, HK!


  1. I remember HOT POT in nyc -ohhh it was good!

  2. Replies
    1. It waaasss! The food in HK is phenomenal.... *drool*


  3. Wuaahhhh -- don't show me this!! I'm hungry now ...and I just had breakfast!

    1. can have 2nd breakfast...although I think it's more like 2nd snack/high tea at this point in your time zone....?!