Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Weekend

My new favourite Italian cookie(s) from a neighbourhood café - Ciambellini(s):

Putting a few new cookie cutters to use:

Nom, nom, nom! 

Hope your weekend was sweet! :)


  1. gnam! :-)
    italian cookies... I feel a little homesick here ;-)

  2. Polly: Awww, hugs! I would like to see Italy again one day! :*

  3. I love everything about Italy :)

    Your cookie cutters are soooooo cute!

  4. Yumm -- cookies! You're getting in the right mood for your next trip, right?
    Your Brandenburger Tor cookie looks so nice! When I try to bake these the columns always fall off :-(

  5. kitchu: I really need to visit there! I've only ever been to Venice....
    Thank you for liking my cookie cutters - I like to collect them. ;)

    Maren: betcha!
    Awww, it's a tricky cookie cutter, but you end up with a big cookie in the end! ;) Thank you again for it! xoxo

  6. love the miffy cookies! but love all about 'nijntje' and dick bruna!

  7. mieke willems: Heehee, yes, yes...and I love them more when I can eat them! ;)