Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking Forward to Pictoplasma!

This time next month, (thank goodness!!) I will be in Berlin and attending Pictoplasma! I've been wanting to attend Pictoplasma for so many years, and currently, I am in dire need of some creative rejuvenation. :P

Here are some captures of one of my favourite Spanish illustrators - Marta Antelo taken from an older Pictoplasma book:

Annnnd speaking of talented Spanish illustrators/artists, here are 2 more:
Serial Cut and Julia Bereciartu.



  1. Pictoplasma!!!
    that is so cool!

    lucky you, Charlyn :-)

  2. Have fun in Berlin! :) I know you are not leaving yet:)

  3. Polly: Grazie mille! I am also super lucky to have you visit my blog, Polly! :*

    Samantha: I can't wait! ;D

    Fei An: Tusen takk! I know...but I'm counting down the days.... ;)