Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pack Rat Syndrome ~ Mugs

There are certain things I just can't resist collecting...
For those of you who know me, you know that I have a weakness for tea towels and mugs.

With that said, here are a few *old* and *new* mugs from my collection...

And yes, I find beverages taste better when enjoyed in a nice mug. ;P

Hope you're having a lovely week so far!


  1. i absolutely agree!
    lovely mugs diskofitta!

  2. they are beautiful, Charlyn! :-)
    do you happen to have any Moomins mugs?

  3. I can absolutely relate to that!! The small cup in the last picture is my favorite -- soooo lovely!!
    xo from a fellow pack rat

  4. sandra: Ahhahahaaa...tusen tack!
    We should start a "Diskofitta Rulez" club! ;D

    Polly: Thank you, Polly - and unfortunately for some strange reason, I don't own 1 single Moomin mug! I do own some "Arabia of Finland" mugs! :D

    Maren: Danke - pack rats unite! ;)

    Michelle/mishkebob: Why thank you, maaa frrriend! ;D

  5. ohhh! i just love mugs! it was my guilty pleasure... i never needed more mugs but i always had to buy one when i saw one i loved :)

  6. i love china and kitchenware in general,and i also had a huge collection of mugs,it was a shame you could not visit my house when you stayed with Cristina,you would have much enjoyed all the mugs and cups of tea & coffee lying around!

  7. Natasha/Candy Pop: Thanks my fellow lover of kitsch! ;) xoxo

    joana: Heehee, I am happy that I am not alone in this! I am certain that your collection is wonderful! :*

    Sara/querido diário: Next time I visit, we'll just need to spend more time together, right?! :D

  8. Oh my goodness! These are all so good! You can never have too many mugs! The first mug is the best!

  9. Sara/querido diário: ;D

    Celine: I had a sneaky feeling you would agree with me on this one.....I looove the Marimekko mug you gave me, but it got chipped accidentally - which broke my heart.... :'(