Friday, November 30, 2012

Analog Photos Published!

When Karolina, the editor in chief of the Czech based Mastal magazine, approached me to be a part of the November issue themed "Journey and Goal" I jumped at the chance.....

My 35mm and Polaroids are predominately featured from pages 54-67 (with one on page 5 and 183 as well)..... and it makes me quite nostalgic when I re-visit this collection of photos ranging from Hong Kong, Berlin, Porto, Poland, Los Angeles and London...

Please have a peek if you're curious! :)

Happy weekend! xoxo


  1. It was so nice to see you in there, too! I have some photos of a trip to Tasmania in there!

  2. it was so nice to __see__ you in berlin too!!! ;) <3 <3 <3 and still realy happy to know you are published here...

  3. awesome!!! :-) congratulations, dear Charlyn! :-)

  4. Félicitations Charlyn!


  5. Maria/schorlemädchen: Hello dear! Oooo, I love that we are in there together! :* xoxo

    Tania/ihsus: Danke! You already know that those photos make me feel nostalgic.... :')

    Polly: Thanks so much Polly! I still can't believe it sometimes! ;D

    Sara/querido diário: Aww, thanks...although I think your photos would be great in there... ;)

    N.: Merci bien, dearest N! xoxoxoxoxoxo
    p.s. I really miss seeing your photos online....

  6. congratulations, what a pretty magazine :) and of course i liked your photos!

  7. maja: Tack, dear M! Means a lot that you like them because I love your photos! :*