Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Montreal on 35mm

Not sure why exactly, but the results from the photos are merde...
Just feel that the colours are "off" and the film is not even expired. :P

Ohhhh weeeeell......... :(


  1. oh Charlyn,they are not *merde* maybe a little pale,but i still love the results :)

  2. Charlyn, what are you saying? Well, it may be that you were expecting them to look different - I wasn't there, so I couldn't see the actual colours - but I still think these series is beautiful. I actually like the fact that it is so desaturated!
    I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed about it and I wonder what actually happened to the film roll. Which type was it and have you used it before?

  3. Oh, I know what you mean, I hate when that happens! But I've only had that problem with expired film, not with fresh one... :(

    I like the mood in these, though!

  4. Not merde at all - just different from what you remember. (And as long as you do remember, you have both versions, right?) I agree with the other comments and I think your photographs are beautiful and very unique!!

  5. querido diário/Sara: Ahaaa, obrigado for your kind comment, dear S! :*

    Polly Balitro: I used Fuji 400 and was just surprised by how desaturated everything turned out. This was the first time that I didn't use expired film because I wanted to have richer colours and more stable result, however the place I got these developed at is not great so that could also be why... :S

    Julia: I was super surprised by how these turned out! I could've just used a roll of expired film instead if this is the result....boooooo :'(
    I'm glad you like the mood though! heehee

    Maren: You are so sweet! And yes, I do remember... :) xoxoxoxo

  6. lauren, curious constellation: Awww, thank you so much for your lovely comment and for visiting here, Lauren! :)

  7. these look great! but yes, a fuji 400 non-expired shouldn't look this way at all. I think your lab is to blame - boooo. I hate being at the mercy of a lab, my one scratches the negs unless I tell them not to. I mean really?! I have to tell them not to??!!!

  8. famapa: Hej du! :*
    Thank you lady - I think you are correct about the lab only because it is a cheap one and it's done with a machine...ugghhh... :'(