Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What...It's November...?!

Goodness, how is it November already?

October was such a crazy, busy month...

Made a sweet new friend freelancing...

And some of my toys are now available at CRYWOLF Clothing store

Looking forward to Portugal in a few weeks and gearing up for City of Craft!!!!!



  1. I love those funny chocolate balls! :-)

  2. YAAAAY! you're going to be at city of craft?! I'm so excited for you! See you there! I'll hopefully be able to pop over for a visit!

  3. querido diário/Sara: I know, right?! I need to plan for Lisbon still....eeeek!

    Polly Balitro: Me too! They're funny to look at but delicious to eat! One is filled with caramel, and the other is filled with peanut butter....mmmmmm

    Celine: Awww, yes I am! Hope to see you there! xoxoxo