Monday, December 16, 2013

Many Thanks... those of you who came out this weekend despite the cold and crazy snow storm... those of you who stopped by my booth to share a quick chat or smile... those of you who showed your continuous support near and far away... those of you who bought my toys... those of you who took a card and/or signed my book... those of you who offered to booth sit... those of you who brought me food and shared your snacks... those of you who offered to bring me hot drinks (and food)...
...and last but not least to City of Craft for a lovely show.

Here are a few photos...

As per usual, I love sharing snacks with Morico and Selena Wong...

Or coveting Chu's (Morico) this cat pouch for instance...

Lovely gift from The Chubby Bunny...

City of Craft (Christmas 2013) was my 2nd craft show and it wouldn't have been extra special and wonderful without you.


  1. Charlyn, your stand looked beautiful!!! (and I'm salivating thinking of those snacks. Yum yum!) :D

  2. So many treasures! But yours definitely stood out, dear Charlyn!

  3. Julia: Gracias dear J! I wish you were there to share snacks with! ;) xoxo

    Polly Balitro: You are too kind dear Polly! Hope you're enjoying your time back at home. :* xoxo

  4. rainbow cake yeahhh :)
    Julia is right,your booth is lovely and i also wish i was there with you!

  5. querido diário/Sara: Aww, obrigada! xoxo
    I wish you could've been there as well! :*