Sunday, January 26, 2014

Windsor & Detroit

During my recent visit to Windsor, there was a tonne of snow and we were basically snowed in for a few days...brrrbrrrrrr..... :P

Snuggling with Lou was great ofcourse ;) ...

When the snow stopped, we crossed the border and visited John. J King Used Bookstore in Detroit (it's rumoured to be haunted...eeeeeek... :P)...

Then before I left to catch the train home, we baked my all time favourite cookies...

Mmmm...the best souvenir ever to bring home to enjoy with some white chocolate covered strawberries from K with a cup of tea...



  1. That looks like a lot of snow!
    I'm glad you got to snuggle inside and have some of your favorite cookies in the meantime! :-)

  2. Trying to figure out how to ship some Ecuadorian treats back to you...

  3. querido diário: Heeheheee.... ;)

    Polly Balitro: Yes, the best way to spend your time when you're snowed in! ;)

    Joyce: Awwww...thank you! xoxoxo

  4. how cute doggie! and the bookstore looks nice, i'd love to spend a whole afternoon there!

  5. etta: Thank you so much Etta! It was a lovely trip, but I was nervous at times because the bookstore is haunted! Eek! ;)

  6. THOSE BUNS AND THOSE STRAWBERRIES omgossshhh! Good summer is coming closer, time for major strawberry festivities <33 Hope you are doing just lovely Charlyn, been such a long time since I dropped by :3

  7. Sheena R. Rasmussen: Hellooo! How are you, dear Sheena?! Thank you so much for visiting - hope you're doing well! :* xoxo