Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(Happy) Canada Day Long Weekend

Yesterday, I took the day off work to take a sausage making course at Depanneur.

Note: Vegetarians, please look away!!

After we received handouts, we started cleaning and cutting up the different types of meat and measuring out the spices...

Then we used a meat grinder to grind all the meat (some cuts had to be grounded twice - it was very therapeutic :P)...

After the meat cooled, we mixed it up with all the spices.
We also cooked a bit of the meat to taste, to see if it needed more seasoning/spices etc.

Then we piped the meat into casings and made links (alternating between clockwise and counter clockwise twisting motion)...

The beef kielbasa and the pork chorizo went into the smoker, while we poached and cooled the duck/chicken sausages...

Then we waited till the sausages were ready to be packaged...

Until next time, Depanneur!



  1. That is soooooo cool!! They look absolutely delicious! Shouldn't it be time for you to visit sausage country Germany again, soon?

  2. Maren: It was super fun and you can taste the difference. I miss you and Germany! :O