Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loyal Luxe Teepee

It is a long story as to why I have a cat as I am really not a cat person at all. Yes, I am a dog person who owns a cat.  Please do not judge.
With that said, however, I am a Fig Newton person!! :O

A while back, I was introduced to Loyal Luxe and their sustainable pet products through Melinda and Anabela.  Melinda suggested that I should have a look at the teepee and ofcourse I thought it was a great choice for Fig Newton. 

When I got home from LA, I received this lovely package...

After assembly ( was a hard decision, but I ended up choosing the tomahawk as the ornament):

Testing it out the next morning in my bedroom....

Someone was a little coy and shy at first....

After some coaxing.....and her wanting to chew on the cardboard "ball".....  voila!

(Elapsed time...1 minute..........

......... 2 minutes..... ...)

Umm...that was fast.... 

Here's hoping that Fig will ultimately go hang out in the teepee by herself for longer periods in the future. *sigh*


  1. AHHH! I'm so glad you got one! She looks so adorable in there! I love the second last photo - you can't see much more than a set of eyes and little flat nose! SO CUTE! She's the best. (I'm sure she'll get used to it. Dre's in his constantly now!).

  2. :D Thank you again for suggesting it!
    She sometimes runs into the teepee when she wants to play 'hide and seek', but I would love it if she would nap in there as well. I wonder if it's because the teepee doesn't come with the corrugated card board bottom, or perhaps she just needs to get used to it more. ;)

  3. Aw, so great!! My cats never use their cabin, which is SUCH a bummer. I wonder if they would use the teepee! The opening seems to be a little bigger...

  4. Yes, Anabela! You can also adjust the opening to be even larger if needed on the teepee! :D

  5. FIG + TEEPEE = waaaay too cute!! I am sure you will come home finding her having naps in there! Cats cannot resist cardboard enclosures!

  6. Heehee, thanks Celine!
    I sure hope sooo!!! ;D

  7. omagaaaaad i want this for muki! she would totally ignore it and sleep on a tiny piece of paper instead but i still want it!!

  8. Last night she was tearing around in it...I thought she was gonna topple it over or something...cats are crazy... :P

    And yes, I think Muki would love it! ;)

  9. It is super! Although she runs and hides in it when she wants me to chase her...but you can obviously see her little paws...and I think to myself, "Aren't cats supposed to be smart?! :P".