Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week(end) Highlights

Usually I prefer going out during the week and being lazy on weekends, however this past week was busy throughout.
Some highlights included:

Friday night dinner at Woodlot.
Dessert pictured here from tarte tartin with honey gelato, lemon tart with roasted marshmallow topping and wild blueberry compote, and Soma chocolate pot du crème with sea salt and citrus (they taste much better than they look here, I promise...): 

Sat night at the movies - Sylvain Chomet's latest - The Illusionist.
I find Chomet's animations incredibly beautiful, and this is a MUST see for those who love animated films:

If you who are unfamiliar with Chomet's work, here are some images from his other movie "The Triplets of Belleville/Les Triplettes de Belleville":

Sunday brunch and "Come Up to My Room" exhibit at The Gladstone (so nice to run into [my Flickr come real life come blog friend] Celine there).
Here are some Polas I took, however I might do another post on this once I get my 35mm film developed:

After The Gladstone, I returned to Chasse Gardée to try again to see if they have these gold Dieppa Restrepo ("grandpa//nonno","wizard of oz") shoes that I have been obsessing over in my size, and let me say I was once again S.O.L. :P  ......

.....Then I went to the The Melissa and thrifted the following painting....

..... Aaaannd lastly, mauling Fig Newton is necessary at all times!!!!

Hope you had a lovely week(end) too!


  1. hieee

    my favourite parts of this post are:

    grampa shoes
    fig newton

    I am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow so I can eat chips.

  2. Aww, thanks for liking the golden shoes and Fig Newton! ;)
    Let's do lunch tmrw, pllleeaasse.

  3. omg and the cat is named Fig Newton? could it get any better?

    thanks for the suggestion on the film. we are animation lovers in this household (mostly japanese anime, but all animation is welcomed and appreciated), we will be checking this out for sure.

  4. :) You're welcome. Just be prepared that the films have minimal dialogue!