Sunday, June 19, 2011

David and Jason's Wedding

A wonderful "retro airlines" themed celebration for a super lovely couple....

Signature drinks of the evening - "The Mile High Club" and "The Black Box":

Homemade fudge:

Vintage matches:


  1. Whaaaat!? They had a bunch of vintage matches?! where does one get that? so awesome!

  2. Narine/Colourful Chaos: Yes! No detail was spared! :O

    Celine: Yah, David got them on Ebay!
    There were also old airline commercials playing on the monitors, we had first class airline bags (from American Airlines) to take home, and the seating plan was airport based...oh and Jason had airplane cufflinks..!!! :O

    kitchu: It was, and it was SO well done!!! :O