Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(We Were Never) Being Boring

The package I had lost was found and re-sent with a happy ending. :)

Here's my original write-up for some of the contents in the package.....


When someone inspires you, you should let them know.  And sometimes, when that certain someone lives far, far, away, and you can't thank them in person, you can leave a nice comment on their blog or photostream, support their work by telling others, maybe buy their merch, perhaps give a "virtual tip", or even send a pleasant email/letter/package.

It can be anything. A small, simple gesture to show your appreciation and support.
After all, you can't take inspiration for granted, can you?

So!  This post is my token of thanks to Sandra Juto - someone who has inspired me for a long time.

Through the years, she's introduced me to the wonderful world of her artwork, Wrist Worms, Buttcrack Softies, Adolf and his lovely house, Camilla (and Morran!), Elisabeth, Martin, Johan, and her favourite places to visit in various cities, but most of all in Berlin.

Here are some of Sandra's work at my apartment:

As part of a "thank you" package, I decided to paint a little doll for Sandra.

The process...

Rough sketch:

Base coat:

Painting in progress:

Completed (multiple views):

Insides (felt and Sculpey objects based on Sandra's artwork):

Home-made card:

Getting ready to travel:

All packed up.  Har en säker resa!

Kram + Puss! xoxo


  1. aww! this is so great; again.
    in the end we are all animals…

  2. martin: I'm happy that you think so, dear M!
    Yes, we are I suppose! Sometimes I wonder what animal I might be? hmmmm.... ;)

  3. beautiful happy ending and packaging :)

  4. I love happy endings! Glad to see that your package did manage to find its way to Sandra :)

  5. and speaking of inspiration and support.. THANK YOU for always leaving wonderful comments on our blog<3

  6. Polly: Grazie mille, lovely girl! :*

    Michelle: Aww, meee tooooo regarding happy endings! I almost gave up! :P
    Annnd, you're most welcome dear M, as I do <3 visiting yours and Sheena's blog! xoxo

  7. that just... ROCKS. i haven't been to her site in so long. now i feel inspired to get back over there. she's the only blogger i've ever dreamed about, literally. it was pretty comical actually!

  8. kitchu: Thank you so much!! :D
    Hahahaa...what is funny is that the day she received this, I had dreamt of finally meeting her in person. Yes, you should definitely go and have a peek - I am loving her food shots.... *drool* ;)

  9. What a sweet person you are for this lovely post and taking the time to make such beautiful gifts. I'm happy she finally got them! Cheers to you and to Sandra!

  10. Samantha: Ohhh! Thank you for your kind words and support! And cheers right back to you! ;)

  11. You really are a caring person....lots like you and we should have a better world.....

  12. Oh I just saw that and thought HOW nice that is from you. Such a sweet idea:)

  13. Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Oh!! You are tooo, tooooo kind! Tusen tack! :*

    Maria/schorlenmädchen: Hello dear! Aww, thank you so much for thinking so! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xoxo

    Rebekka Seale: :D Thank you so very much for your sweet comment and for visiting here!

  14. Fabulous stuff, as usual!! The glasses, the wrist worms, the mask!! I am laughing so much right now!! This is a happy ending, indeed!! Sandra is very fortunate! By the way, Baby Bacterium and Jellyfish say "hi"!!

  15. Maren: Vielen dank for always being such a kind, wonderful, generous and supportive friend!!! Please give the Bacterium and the Jellyfish kisses for me! ;D xoxoxoxoxo

  16. Hi, girls, thank you so much for your nice and warm comments to my blog. I really feel greatly encouraged! Thank you for this! I will come back often and visit your blog...I saw lot of nice, and interesting stuff. I am sure your blog will be a great inspiration for me! Have a nice start of the week.

  17. Fei An: Hellooo! :) You are most welcome! Thank you for your kind words.
    It's Charlyn here and this is mostly my blog now, and seeing that my good friend (and "silent" blog partner) Sarah Jane is expecting her first child, I am going to show her your brilliant work! She's going to love it. ;)
    Hope you're having a lovely Monday in beautiful Norge!

  18. Oh how nice Charlyn, all of it! Thank you so much for the link and kind words as well :)

  19. Elisabeth/ Tack for saying so, dear Elisabeth! Your most welcome, as you know I'm a big fan. heeeheee ;)

  20. hi charlyn, this is really sweet. i do as michelle, thank you so much for leaving such supportive comments every now and then.

  21. maja: Hej! Tackar, Maja!
    As for leaving comments, you're most welcome - you know how I loooove your blog (and Michelle's ofcourse!)! ;)

  22. Trixi: Aww, vielen dank Ms. Frausieben! ;*