Monday, May 7, 2012

Early Saturday Morning

It started with brunch with good friends at the Westerly....

Afterwards, we walked down the street to my favourite vintage shop - Mrs. Huizenga...

Upon leaving the store, little fellow was making a small ruckus next door... ;)

Hope Spring has arrived...wherever you may be.


  1. Last week we had the most incredible weather - 20 degrees celcius and no clouds in the sky! But other than that spring has been a little disappointing in this part of the world - it's cold and it keeps raining :|

    I'm hoping for better spring days!

  2. Michelle: It's been on and off over here in these parts as well! Hope the warm sunshine comes to visit both of us soon! ;)

  3. ooh! the westerly looks really lovely! I have never heard of it! But I'm pretty out of it these days as you know! For a moment, I thought these were taken in Berlin still! But the ring and post gave it away :)
    I LOVED the apartment you stayed at in Berlin btw! Why are all Berlin apartments so nice? Why can't Toronto's apartments be more like that?!

  4. Celine: The Westerly is lovely, but the food is just ok. :P
    Aww, I hope all is going well with you and thank you for taking what little time you have to come here for a peek! :** xoxo
    Thanks for liking the Berlin flat! I know...why is everything in Berlin//Europe SO NICE in general?!!! :(
    Hope to see you sooooon?!

  5. That restaurant looks gorgeous. Love the tile and lighting.
    Beautiful shots, Charlyn.

  6. Amanda: Thank you so much, dear A - you are the sweetest. :*

  7. you always go to the most interesting events! :-)

  8. Polly: Haha,I feel the same way about you dear! ;)