Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lately - July


I've been busy, busy, busy making, and re-making DNA...eehhh... :P

Having berries for lunch (strawberry and halloumi salad, inspired by Sandra)...

Having berries for a post dinner dessert...

And receiving lovely snail mail (this one is from the talented Ginette Lapalme - yes, I am a big fan)...

Hope your July is filled with berries, sunshine, leisure and snail mail!



  1. I'm excited to see you next week my friend!!

  2. yuuuuuum! i think i'm going to make one on saturday :) that DNA made me giggle.

  3. the weather is very unstable here, but the berries season is coming to Finland too! I cannot wait to enjoy the first mustikkamaito (blueberry-milk) of the season with local blueberries! ;-)

  4. Genetic engineering never looked so cool!!

    It's so good to see your business is starting to run nicely and - most importantly - that you enjoy yourself!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will continue just like that!!

  5. i eat everything with strawberries <3 ahaha

  6. Michelle/mishkebob: Meee too! xoxo

    sandra:'s such a delicious salad! And it's always nice to hear you giggle...heehee ;)

    Polly: Oh! I would love to try mustikkamaito one day! It sounds refreshing! :D

    Maren: I too am keeping my fingers and toes crossed! And I am lucky to have such a supportive and encouraging friend like you - vielen dank! :**

    Sara/querido diário: Strawberries make everything better! ;)

  7. Ooh, the berries and salad look so good! I love how summertime = lots and lots of berries.

  8. Junaluska: Thank you so much! I know, right? I can't stop eating them! ;D
    Hope you're having a lovely summer!