Monday, July 16, 2012

Taloola Café - Windsor

While I was in Windsor (and Detroit) this past weekend, we visited a cozy little spot for breakfast...

The french toast had cheese, fig puree and pecans in between, and the grilled cheese had blue cheese, prickly pear preserves and walnuts...yum!  And the Americanos were delicious - a nice surprise indeed!


  1. Ooh! We go to to Detroit sometimes to visit friends, next time I am that way, I will check this cute place out!

  2. Celine: You would love it! It is so cozy and rustic. :)

  3. Oh, it has that "Wohnzimmer" look, doesn't it? Nice!!
    The French toast looks deeeeelicious....

  4. Maren: I agree - except "Wohnzimmer" is 100xs nicer..ahahhaaaa! ;D
    Yes, you would like the food here! :)

  5. That top photo is just perfect!
    Looks like a cozy place as a whole.

    (thanks for your kind comment over at my place Charlyn)

  6. Elisabeth/ Tusen tack! It was lovely and just wait for my next post, E - it's on the Detriot Antiques Market and so many treasures made me think of you! ;)

    (Var så god! ;) xoxo)

  7. that first pic is so lovely!