Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Against the Grain

Going against the grain is hard...even when you know (more than anything else you've ever known in your life) that you're on the right path. While you feel very fortunate, at the same time, you can also feel quite fragile. I equate this feeling with taking out the safety net from under you, feeling your way in the dark, or free falling off a cliff.

This post is dedicated to those who are doing what they love, because sometimes it can be a tougher road when your heart is completely exposed.

And when in doubt...eat a cupcake or two...? :P

Happy Tuesday, dear friends.


  1. Oh, how I understand!! I could use a cupcake today...

    Happy tuesday, dear! :**

  2. Julia: I would love to have a cupcake with you, Julita! :*
    You are one of those people that inspire me, so I have to say, "Gracias" to you! xoxo

  3. Aw, Charlyn! I feel exactly that same way! Long live courageous people like us! :-)

  4. You're an inspiration, my friend!! :)

  5. I have not yet left the safety net entirely but i'm pretty close...
    I can see the view from the canyon and i'm afraid of hights :P
    Cupcakes will surely help a little!

  6. Polly Balitro: I am glad I'm not alone! We should start a club! heeheee

    mishkebob/Michelle: Aww, thanks....(ummm, I would also like my bank account to be inspiring...ugh...)! xoxo

    querido diário/Sara: Sometimes, the universe gives you a big push! Don't be afraid - just follow your <3. :*