Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aquarius the Water Bearer - For Marisa

When painting something for a friend, you want to make it super personal and it should be something that suits their personality as well.
In the past, I've usually tried to capture shared experiences in a piece, however with this particular one, as it's for my best friend's birthday who likes "dark" things and was born on Valentine's Day, I painted the following nesting doll which is my take on her zodiac symbol...

Rough sketch...

The doll I used actually had a hole in the bottom, so it allowed for me to sew the felt parts...

Possible insides...

Final with inside parts...



  1. Ci, I'm the luckiest Aquarius in the world to have my own personal Water Bearer made by you. xo!!!

  2. Marisa Iacobucci: Ci! I'm the luckiest Libra in the world to have you as my bestest friend.... xoxo

  3. it's so wonderful and so personal, Charlyn! your friend will love it! :-)

  4. Polly Balitro: You were right, Polly - she loved it! :D xoxo

    Julia: Awww, I feel lucky to have her as a friend! ;)