Thursday, May 30, 2013

Animals Are Funny

I love it when animals sit like Gracie here....arms crossed, so distinguished...

and look at how Griffin is hugging my shoes (!), I think he smells Fig...he stayed like this for quite some time...


Happy furry Thursday, everyone! I'm off to Montreal tomorrow!
See you soon! xoxo


  1. You are one good animal-catcher!
    Have fun in Montreal :)

  2. ihsus/Tania: I try, my dear T! ;) Danke! xoxo

  3. I also believe in animals! :-) And I really love your shoes, by the way!
    Enjoy Montreal, dear Charlyn! One of my best friends is from Quebec and she always tells me that Montreal is so beautiful!

    P.S. thank you so much for stopping by my latest post and leaving some precious tips! ♥

  4. Polly Balitro: You are so sweet, Polly - thank you! I'm happy that my Iceland tips helped! :**

  5. my pets do funny things too

  6. Ivette: Awww...animals make life so much better! :)

  7. Gracie seems like a pricess and i think cats love shoes <3

  8. i really like the idea of a furry thursday :)

    also... i feel like squeezing your cat!

  9. querido diário/Sara: Ahaaa...actually Gracie just sits like a Princess but she's very low maintenance, and I think you're right about kitties loving shoes! ;)

    joana: Me too, Joana!
    Griffin is actually my cousin's cat but he is so loving and friendly, whereas my cat, Fig Newton, is shy but sweet. :D