Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not Too Long Ago...

I was enjoying these things...

A package from Spain from dear Julia:

A sweet treat (yes, I was consuming a lot of these a while back... ;P):

Painting Bioluminescent Jellyfishes:

But right now...
I am focusing on the "business" side of things, and it has been (mentally) challenging to say the least. I have been doing a lot of research (it could go on forever, and it makes my head swim) and I need to get organized and start "knocking on doors". Being impatient is also not helping matters much. :P

Wish me luck, and please share any words of wisdom or advice, because I think I am in need of it. :')


  1. I can't send you words of wisdom or advice because I don't know anything about business. BUT I wish you all the luck in the world and - most importantly - happiness, fun, and cupcakes!! I am so sure that everything will be just perfect!!

  2. Maren: Dearest M! Vielen dank! :**
    I will happily take your wishes of luck! And... I do hope things will turn out perfecto... *fingers and toes crossed*


  3. Good luck dear, Charlyn! I know exactly how you feel! ♥
    P.S. I would like to have one of those sweet treats right now!

  4. Polly Balitro: Aww, grazie mille, dearest Polly - I'm glad that I am not the only feeling this way! Maybe one day we can have a sweet treat and some salmon soup together! :)

  5. Oh yest, the business side of things... I know a bit about that! sadly, I don't have any good advice to give. But your creatures are amazing, dear! :***

  6. Julia: Aww, gracias dear J! It is ok - hopefully I will get trying to stay positive! ;) xoxo

  7. Stay strong,breath,strech your legs,eat candie,pet Fig Newton and return to your research.I now that soon something will make sense and fits your situation.
    'if at first you don't suceedmdust yourself off and try again'

  8. querido diário/Sara: Loooove your words of wisdom. I know everything will make sense...just need to keep the faith! ;) Obrigadoooooo. :** xoxoxoxo

  9. Good luck! Yummy cupcake!

  10. Regine Karpel: Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for visiting! :)