Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visiting Annecy, Day 3 - Part 2

Here is Annecy's beautiful "Old Town"...

E took photos of N and I as we perched on a ledge and looked at the charming houses below...

Then we went and had the best ice cream I've ever had (Lavendar Honey, Licorice and a tiny taste of Yellow Plum)...

This photo reminds me a little bit of Venice...

This photo reminds me a little bit of Berlin...

Oh how I love old signage...I wish we had that here... :P

Thank you N+E for a trip that I would never ever forget...


  1. Annecy looks so beautiful and dreamy through your eyes! Now I want to visit :)

  2. Julia: Thank you, dear J, I know you would love it there! :*** xoxo

  3. querido diário/Sara: You really should! ;D

  4. These are so beautiful and picturesque! Annency old town must really be a dreamy place to live in, Charlyn!

  5. Polly Balitro: Thank you dear Polly! It is dreamy because it's not only beautiful but peaceful...(ohhh, but the tourists! :O) ;)

  6. kitchu: Annecy is really lovely! My photos don't even do it justice!! :O