Sunday, January 23, 2011

"A Tale of 2 Werewolves + 1 Little Girl" - Berlin, Germany

"It was a day much like any other day in the village...

Or was it?

The 2 Werewolves and 1 Little Girl started out with blueberry pancakes, shared croissants and proper coffees at Rote Harfe. Brother Werewolf declared he was a romantic, the Little Girl declared she was a dreamer, and Papa Werewolf declared that while he appreciated romantic dreamers, sometimes there is a place for reality in the World. He was very wise. After much discussion of such serious matters, the 3 decided to set off on an adventure. After all, their tummies were full and they needed a good distraction.

The day was cold....and at times they were lost. Papa Werewolf asked, "Do you see where we are on the map?" -- 3 blank faces all around. The Little Girl couldn't help but grin to herself as she devilishly and secretly relished in the delight that the adventure could get even more interesting.

They walked and walked......

The 3 ended up at an icy patch. The ice was dangerous and the dampness of the cold chilled their bones. Behind walls, the Little Girl silently watched Papa Werewolf take beautiful photographs. He was a master at it.

After some time, their tummies began to rumble. "We deserve some good food, as we've walked and wandered all day long!", cried Brother Werewolf. But where to go? The 3 had wandered so far off and they were a little lost (again!). Luckily, Papa Werewolf found The Seer. She was an intelligent and passionate character indeed. The Seer was familiar with this part of the land, for she used to live here when she was young. She too was hungry. With her help and guidance, they were saved!!!

Under the warmth of shelter, and by flickering candlelight, Papa Werewolf took some more magical photos. The Seer and Little Girl watched as Papa Werewolf took photos of a very hungry Brother Werewolf.

The food came and they ate and ate, and drank.  They were happy and satisfied as their tummies were full once more.

No, this was not an ordinary day at all....

Why you ask?

It was a most extraordinary day, for the hungry Werewolves did not make a quick meal out of the Little Girl, the Little Girl did not die of fright from having an adventure with the Werewolves, nor did The Seer cry out when she discovered the true identity of the Werewolves.




  1. aplause!!!
    brilliant tale,
    brilliant warm pictures.
    i like the guest apearances, too, very much.
    and i wonder where this is.
    but i suppose for the sake of the safety of the little girl, this is better left untold!

  2. Heeheeee...happy that you like it!
    Now you have to read this to dear S as a bedtime story....

  3. Master storyteller dear little girl ;-)
    Thank you for the time capsule

    PS: Eva loved it to pieces too

  4. Niko: Merci you and to dear Eva as well! xoxo

    Jazzy: Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comment! Will check out your giveaway for sure! :)

    Ihus: Tell him "You're welcome very much!" ;D