Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tania & Stefan's House - Berlin, Germany

While I was in Berlin, I was lucky enough to stay with T&S.

The decor from the house has been preserved from when Stefan's Mom used to live there - from the lace curtains to some of the furniture.  In the basement, lives a train track that Stefan and his Dad had build when Stefan was younger.

Here are some pictures of their lovely home captured on film and on digital.

Vielen dank, T&S! :*

35mm Film (Olympus XA2):


... Last tea...(pre breakfast ritual)...on the last day..... ....

I wish I was still there.


  1. A beautiful reminder of how good it feels to linger in this home.

  2. Wow - this place is amazing!! I can see why you felt so comfortable there...
    Beautiful photographs, too!!

  3. we're both shedding happy tears in our hotel in heitersheim! love and kisses. you are always wellcome. t+s.

  4. Niko: Merci beaucoup.
    I still dream of the goodies from Annecy.... ;)

    Maren: Danke dear for thinking so. The neighbourhood is just as charming!

    Ihsus: <3 you both for everything. :** Please have a whiskey for me. ;D