Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Eve - Berlin, Germany

Please bear with me as I sift through and organize the rest of my Berlin photos......

I realize that the quality could be better, but again, documenting events are more important to me at this point in time. :P

Anyhoo, here is a brief re-cap of spending New Year's Eve in lovely Berlin with some of my most favourite people on this planet....

A New Year's Feast (* not pictured ~ numerous bottles of various types of wódka from Poland and an army of champagne soldiers....):

Delicious cheeses that are *almost* larger than my cat (and no, this blurry pic does not do it justice):

Our favourite post-dinner game of Scopa:

( -- Had to include this [film] shot because it just makes me laugh -- )

Happy New Year!  Glückliches neues jahr!

We put our foot prints in the snow..... :

A game of "Les Loups-Garous" followed the fireworks....which incidentally can be sleep inducing ;) :

Hope you had a memorable and special New Year's as well!!!


  1. Si!!! Lucky you!
    Unfortunately, I did not win Scopa that night.... :(

  2. i totally love this post. just haven't been able to quite find the words yet. today i developed the film i took of the scopa games...afraid i totally goofed again. but we'll see if there is something to save, still....

  3. I'm glad you love it - thank you! :)
    I honestly never know who is reading my posts and it's always nice when I get feedback!
    Been feeling sentimental and melancholy myself today too, as I couldn't find the words when I posted the "Journey Home"...all there was, was a big lump in my throat...