Thursday, May 5, 2011

Corners of a Home

Yesterday, I was at SJ (my silent blog partner) and Steve's house for dinner.

Here are some of the lovely things in their home...

Pretty pendant lamp in the kitchen:

Stuffed bear from SJ's childhood:

Max, their Abyssinian, who decided to be nice:

My favourite vintage bunny cookie jar:

More wonderful antique finds:

Lastly, Cloudy (Cloudfoot), the peg-legged polydactyl, made an appearance for our snuggle date (I love him!):


  1. this home has so many amazing details. I love the antique/vintage stuff. It always makes a home feel so loved.

  2. Celine: I know, right?! Aww, I wish some of the other photos turned out! Hope you're over the jet lag! :D

  3. lots of lovely animals and the pendant: a typical "want to have"...

  4. Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Yes, I agree!! ;D

  5. Char, you always make our place look so much cooler than it is....and max and cloudy thank you for their first internet appearance!

  6. SJ: Your place is cool, SJ! ;) Kisses to the kitties!