Monday, May 16, 2011

Famous German Zoo Animals (Hall of Fame) -- Matryoshka Dolls ~ Set 5

Here's my 5th set, a tribute to "famous" zoo animals in Germany. ;)

Rough sketches/guidelines:


Base coat:

Rough outlines:

Painting in progress (outines and what not):

Varnished (multiple views):

Homemade card:

Personalized message:

 Auf wiedersehen!


  1. i love those animals, and they seem to be happy in our little living room too. so many precious details. i should document stefan and me staring at them wide eyed and grinning :)))
    thank you so much dear charlyyyn! you talented cat you!!

  2. Tania/ihsus: Awww, you're most welcome - I'm glad you & S like them.
    I think Frank, the cross-eyed Jaguarundi, is one of my all time faves if I do say so myself..hahahaaa.... ;) *meow*

  3. such talent! these are the best!

  4. kitchu: Thank you so much - it means alot! :*

  5. Oh my God -- I can't believe you have heard of Heidi!! By the way, I love the Siberian Tiger's frown!! You ARE the Matryoshka Queen!!

  6. Quite a world you are creating there! :-)

  7. Maren: Danke! I only came across Heidi when I was doing some research for this theme. It's funny that the Germans really like their cross-eyed animals! hahahaa ;)

    R: Yes, indeedy! :*

    Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Tackar, as are you! ;D

  8. ENVY! ^____^

    I still love love LOVE these sets of dolls you have created. They are just the coolest thing ever!

  9. Michelle: Awww, I love that you love them! :D
    Your comments always brighten up my day - tak så meget! xoxo

  10. Elisabeth/ Tack! Means a lot coming from you! :*

    kmimp: Heehee, vielen dank! :)