Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girl Talk

What can I say?
I am super lucky to get to have girlie brunches with the following lovely ladies: Anabela, Celine, Melinda and Nikki.  I look so forward to each and every time we get together - it's like Chirstmas. 

This time, we went to Delux...

We started with the conch fritters and donuts, then there was the cuban brunch, duck confit hash, and french toast with bananas in dulce de leche, chantilly and maple syrup,  just to name a few.....mmmm......

Had to take some pics of Nikki's amazing "Galaxy" nails and the awesome E.T. on her bike....

Wonderful goodies from the ladies... carrot and cardamom jam from Melinda, "Girlie Brunch" CD from Nikki, and pouch and thimble souvenirs from Asia from Celine....

Thank you so much girls! 

I love you all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. girl brunch is so much fun! I am so glad to be apart of it! I love it whenever we get together! 4 hours isn't enough to catch up with everyone!
    love you too char! xoxo

  2. Celine: Hahaha, is it just me or are the brunches progressively getting longer? ;) Yes, I love our time together and you girls are all too wonderful, I say! Looking forward to our next patio brunch! xoxoxo

  3. wow, it sounds and looks supercozy! can i join next time? ;)

  4. how totally wonderful! the food looks AMAZING! and those nails are just wild!

  5. Sara/ekta perlor: It was and super delicious! You are ofcourse welcome to join anytime! ;D xoxo

    kitchu: It was such a lovely time! The food was delightful! And ohh those nails are ammmmaaaazing indeed! :O

  6. Michelle/mishkebob: HeeeelloooOoo!!! :D

  7. How dreamy. That place looks amazing!

  8. Erika: Yes! I think you would love it there! ;)