Sunday, October 23, 2011


Jetlagged and back from 2 lovely weeks in Porto and London.

Here are some nice snail mail surprises that greeted me when I returned home....

Birthday card and candies from M from Germany....

Cambodian candies from J, who's traveling around South East Asia at the moment.....

Thank you both so much!



Here's a small glimpse into my trip.....will be documenting/blogging here, and also uploading pics on my Flickr very soon!

Many thanks to everybody for suggestions on where to go! xoxo


  1. I had to remove my previous comment because of a stupid grammar mistake :-P sorry!

    anyways, what I said was that I cannot wait to see more from your amazing trip! :-)

  2. Polly: Hello!!! That is ok, dear Polly!
    Grazie mille for your sweetest comment!
    I need to catch up on everyone's blogs!
    Hope you've had a nice few weeks! :*

  3. can't wait to see and hear more about your amazing trip!!

    how nice to come home to gifts :)

  4. welcome back lovely! I just saw that you met up with famapa in london!! I can't wait to hear all about that in person someday! xo
    can't wait to see more beautiful photos from your trip!

  5. kitchu: Aww, thank you!!! It was super lovely indeed! I love snail mail surprises. ;)

    Celine: Yes, yes! F is super! Looking forward to seeing you soon and catching up properly in person. :* xoxo

  6. Ah, how I love to get a special mention on your blog, ha ha!! Once again, you are very very welcome!!
    Those first glimpses (including those on flickr) are very intriguing -- can't wait to see more!! xoxo

  7. Maren: That's because you're special! ;) Yesss....I've got soooo many photos - am trying to sort and divide them up properly between here and Flickr. :S

  8. maja: And so is your lovely blog! ;)