Sunday, October 9, 2011

See You Later, Canada!

I'm off to Porto and London for a few weeks!

I will leave you with this emotional tribute outside the Apple store today....

Steve Jobs - you are dearly missed.


  1. Have fun in Europe!!!! :D:D:D

  2. hope you have a great time in porto and london charlyn!

  3. oof, my heart aches at this loss.

    have a blast in Europe :)

  4. Michelle: Thank you Michelle! I can't wait! :D

    Tania/ihsus: Danke! I miss yyoouuuuu! xoxo

    kitchu: I know...seeing this put a lump in my throat!
    I will try my best to have a blast...heeheee ;D

  5. RIP Steve <3

    have an amazing trip :-)

  6. Havent been here for a while, so just wanted to say 'hellooooooo'! and woaw, you are coming to Europe :D have tons of fun and take loads of pictures!

  7. Since you're halfway here, come over to Asia. We'll feast in Malaysia and Singapore...

  8. Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Tackar! It's been super lovely so far! It's 30 degrees here in Porto and I leave for London tomorrow.

    Polly: Grazie mille! I love Europe!!! :D

    Sheena: Heeelllooo! It's been great fun and it's wonderful to get back into photography again! :)

    Joyce: Or maybe you should come to London...hahaa