Sunday, October 2, 2011

September -- October

I think I've almost completely recovered from a most annoying cold....
However! Here are some things that definitely helped made me feel better....

Lovely souvenirs from Kyoto:

A sugary New Orleans souvenir:

A cozy quilt thrifted from the antiques market:

And a very special card:



  1. I am in love with the card :-)

  2. sweet sketch of the sick one and if it is your birthday I hope it will be a happy one!

  3. Ah Pralines from NOs... they are quite something. I've never been able to finish one myself, but beignets! Now those I could eat and eat.

  4. Polly: Meeee too! ;D

    Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Tack så mycket for liking the sketch and for the thoughtful bday wish! xoxo

    gracia: Me neither! The pralines are tooo sweet even for my sweet tooth! eek! Mmm...beignets...

  5. was it your birthday charlyn?! if so, happy birthday! that is such a sweet card!

  6. Celine: Hello! Thank you Celine, my birthday is today! And the lovely card is from SJ! :)

  7. happy belated birthday! glad you are on the mend (i have just come down with a bit of a cold, ugh!)

  8. kitchu: Actually it's today, so you're right on time! ;D Thanks so much and I hope you feel better soooon!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Charlyn!!!
    hope you had a great time! and that you feel better!
    ❤❤❤ lots of love from uruguay! ❤❤❤

  10. Happy belated birthday, dear Charlyn! Wish you are well again now:)You are such a sweet lady and thank you for your nice words to my posts.
    All my best wishes.

  11. Fernanda: Aww, thank you dearest Fer!!!! Many hugs! xoxoxo

    Fei An: Thank you Fei An for your lovely comment and for your beautiful and inspiring work! :)

  12. Leonne Abél: Thank you so very much! :D