Monday, August 20, 2012

My Paleo/Caveman "Cleanse" - Day 13 of 30

Please bear with me as I document my 13th day of being on a paleo "cleanse/experiment" out of the "whole 30". I am calling it a cleanse because I hate the word "diet" as I have issues with rules and being told what to do. :P The main reason for this experiment is for me to see if my energy levels increase (especially when I exercise).
To be honest, it has been challenging so far, as I still have periods of sugar and wheat withdrawal and I miss dairy and soy quite a bit. However! What I have noticed is that my ravenous hunger pangs are no longer out of control. It is also somewhat frightening how much vegetables I alone can consume and how much time all the chopping/cooking/cleaning is taking.
I often scoff at certain "diets" and "cleanses" because it feels like it's mostly a North American obsession, while the rest of the world are happy and unfussed about such things. :P

Well, let's see how the remainder of the "whole 30" days go.

As for now, the tinkling of ice melting in a glass of scotch, and a big ice cream sandwich are things that I will hold as possible treats awaiting for me at the end of the tunnel.


  1. courage, Charlyn! it's a very brave thing the one you're doing! I am trying myself to keep the quantity of sweets that I consume under control, but it's oh so hard! ;-)

  2. Polly: Thank you Polly - I need it! Although I felt like I had more energy last night at the gym.

    It's hard for me too because I loooove sugar!!!

  3. Woo hoo --- that's tough! Good luck!!
    Good to know the "cleanse" ends before October ;)
    Bye the way, I love the caveman drawing!!

  4. Maren: Danke - I need the luck, as I am still having withdrawals...eeeeeek! :S
    p.s. I'm happy you like my doodle. ;)

  5. keep it up charlyn, it's worth it (for the tinkeling ice cubes alone even...just kidding). at the beginning of the year i went through something "similar but different" (total vegan for a few weeks, almost a month). maybe that was a bit too extreme. good luck to you. hope the energy curve soars soon. and may the temptations be well ignored by you.

    (and s. says his cravings stop when he goes off the gumibärchen (haribo...)... so there is hope ;) )


  6. Tania/ihsus: Vielen dank! I am think my body is slowly catching up to this new way of eating. I'm feeling more alert which is great - and the recovery time from a workout has improved as well. As for the temptations...I'm taking it day by day I suppose! :P It's difficult to be "strict" because I really hate rules! :S

    I think after these 30 days, I will try to keep up with eating paleo at least 80% of the time.

  7. Wow 13 days, that's good yay! Keep it up Charlyn you can do it :))

    Me too, love your drawings!

  8. Elisabeth/ Tack! I am having major "refined sugar" withdrawals on a daily basis! Eek! :(

    Tusen tack for liking my doodles! ;)