Sunday, August 26, 2012

Withdrawal List

The most interesting thing about being on the "whole30" is the amount of items I've been craving.  I crave things that I've never eaten, to things that I haven't eaten in years.  According to some friends, I must associate these foods with feelings of comfort sometime during the course of my life (perhaps even during childhood).

Well, here is the list to date (click for a larger view if you're curious..hahaa)...

and yes, drawing it makes it "better" for me for some strange reason. :P

Whether I choose to eat sugar or not, I will always love watching this. :)


  1. you are awsome charlyn!!! :D i love the "list" and how brave of you to draw instead of eat all that. to think to posts ago was the *speachless* list...! xoxoxoxo

  2. Michelle/mishkebob: Aww, thaaaanks! :*

    Tania/ihsus: Vielen dank (so are you! :*)!
    I know, I haven't touched any of Gemma's candies (yet). ;) xoxoxo

  3. oh my! I wouldn't be able to go on this diet! no tofu? tofu is definitely my comfort food, so is ice cream!

  4. Paleo = That sh1t cray! (:

    We will FEAST on Lidia's pasta + ice-cream once you're cleansed.

  5. I love the way you've decided to represent your cravings, you brave girl! :-)

  6. Celine: I knnnoooowwww! I never thought I would miss soy so much! And same goes for ice cream ofcourse! ;)

    Joyce: Totes cray cray! ;P
    Yes please I would like that very much, thank you! :D

    Polly: Grazie mille, lovely P - drawing it out really helps! :D xoxo

  7. I love this! And I need to investigate a bit more... :) big hug, my dear! <3

  8. Cris/Cristina Regadas: Heeheee!
    I am now a paleo convert (I can't believe I'm even saying this because I love options when it comes to food). Week 3 and 4 was a turnaround point where my energy came back - I just had to eat 1 hr before exercising.
    I am going to try to sustain a 80-90% paleo diet from now on.

    Hugs right back! Miss you lots!!!! xoxoxo

  9. oh my goodness, but I saw in the program NO GRAIN? I would not survive!! haha!

  10. Cris/Cristina Regadas: Ahahhaa, I know... and no queijo fresco nor mochi either.... :'(

    And, you end up eating double the amount because all the fillers are out! Eeeeek!