Monday, August 6, 2012

Time Flies

I can't believe it's already August....
It's been a busy, busy Summer indeed!

This past week, I spent a lovely evening at an outdoor Sigur Røs concert...

and tried hard to find the time to work on my other job, even though I was slightly addicted to watching the Olympics... *sigh* :P

However, I re-listed the "Hibernating Black Bear" in my Etsy Shop - hooray! :D

Are you finding that time is flying by as fast as I am? Aaaahhhhh!  :O


  1. yes, time is flying when it's summer and, unfortunately, it gets slower in winter! I do not want summer to be over yet!

    but, you saw Sigur Ros and they are awesome! :-)

  2. Polly: Eeee, I don't want Summer to end either!
    Yes, this was my 3rd time seeing them and they are amazing!

  3. Sigur Ros in Portland, OR last night!