Friday, July 5, 2013

"The Green Man" Group Art Exhibit - Part I

One of the submissions I did for the show is named, "The Green Man and the Nature Spirits Entourage". It is a 5 piece nesting doll set with the following cast of characters: "The Green Man", "Elder Mother", "Lunantishee", "Tree Sprite" and the "Pillywiggin".

Here are some photos of the process:

I made a felt wreath for "The Green Man" to wear:


:) Happy Weekend to you!


  1. And a very happy weekend to you too Charlyn.
    I'm in awe...! What a wonderful family. Love the drawing, too.

  2. Oh my goodness -- these take my breath away!! You are so so sooooo talented!! (By the way, will you ever make this set to order??)
    I am happy to hear that the opening was a great success and fun!

  3. Ci, these spirits and your art touch my soul. So gorgeous!

  4. ihsus/Tania: Aww, danke dear T! You are too kind!!! xoxo

    Maren:'re the talented one!! :D
    As for making a set to order...I might? This set will be at the show for a bit but if no one buys it, I'll try to sell it. xoxo

    Marisa Iacobucci: touch my soul because you're an amazing friend! :D Grazie mille, unicorno! xoxoxoxo

  5. Charlyn, these are great! They are beautifully detailed and the colours are just working so wonderfully together! Great job!

    Have a lovely weekend too!

  6. Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Tusen tack! :* xoxo

    Polly Balitro: Thank you so much dear Polly! I'm happy you like them! :***

  7. querido diário/Sara: Obrigado, dear S! xoxo
    Wish you were with Cris and I yesterday...but we got soaked in the rain... :P

  8. they look like kokeshi, but more colorful :)

  9. silvia - idiaridellalambretta: Hello Silvia! Thank you so much for your comment! :)