Thursday, July 4, 2013

This Week...

I managed to complete a 2nd piece for "The Green Man" group art exhibit tonight (!!!), which I'm excited about...

And I finished another pack of Polaroids...

Taking photos of animals can be tricky, as you can see 2 very blurry wasted polas...however I am *SO* in love with this by Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Good luck for the exhibition, dear Charlyn!
    And have great weekend with more Fig Newton and more polaroids! :-)

  2. furry blurry ;) <3 the qutest blurr eeeever.
    love the left one espc...
    have fun at the green man, looking forward to seeing what you entered.
    and i do love that cat-grandma duo too!
    hugs t.

  3. oupps...cute as in very very sweet. now i wonder what a qute is hihi...maybe an animal you still have to make up :D

  4. Polly Balitro: Grazie, dear Polly! The exhibit went well! Hope your weekend is filled with sweets and sunshine. :) xoxo

    ihsus/Tania: Ahaaa...I'm happy that you think that Fig is "qute" and "cute"... ;D Will be posting "The Green Man" photos very soon and in a few parts! Big hugs back to you! xoxoxoxo :****