Monday, July 8, 2013

"The Green Man" Group Art Exhibit - Part II

My 2nd submission is a "Skogsrå" roly poly wood chime doll.

Legend has it that a skogsrå is a Scandinavian forest spirit who appears as a beautiful woman who lures men into the woods. Often, such travelling men will then disappear - never to be seen again. While the skogsrå is beautiful on the front, her back side consists of a tail or a hollow tree trunk.


  1. I have to say your Skogsrå is beautiful on both sides!
    I seriously love this concept for these latest creation of yours, Charlyn!

  2. Polly Balitro: Heeheee...that means she's even more alluring to trick the men into the forest! ahahaaa ;)
    Thank you so much Polly! xoxo

  3. Like a mermaid from the woods <3
    beautiful :D

  4. querido diário/Sara: Your comment made my day! :*
    Obrigado! xoxo