Thursday, April 7, 2011

Framing (Finally) Completed

Happy to say that all artwork has been framed and ready for hanging!
Except now, I have to decide on where things are going to go.... :P

Swedish invasion : Åsa Dahlbäck's "Lappland" wallpaper (which I decided to frame - tack, Åsa!), and Elisabeth Dunker's "Krakatoa" poster (the glass broke twice on this frame... *sigh*)...

I had initially wanted to use Åsa's "Lappland" wallpaper, but I had moved apartments, and the wallpaper wasn't for sale at the time, so I chose Cole and Son's "Woods"...

Now that framing is completed, I should update my "to do" list... :P

Last of the Swedish/Scandinavian invasion...!


  1. you have trees on your walls? that's genius!
    congratulations on the frames, and alle the rest too...

  2. I agree with Tania -- most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen!!

  3. Tania/ihus: Hahahaaa.... I could only afford to have those trees on 1 small wall I'm afraid...eeek! ;)
    Maren: You are the sweetest!! :***

  4. your place looks dreamy. invite me over!

  5. Michelle/mishkebob: Thanks! We should plan something...and I need to cleeeaaaan...! ;P

  6. i bet your place is very clean. Have you seen my desk area? its probably a zillion times messier/dirtier than your cute place. holler.

  7. Oh man, trees on the walls. You sure gave me a decorative idea for my next house improvement! Keep us updates girl. :)

  8. boxing machine: Happy you think so!