Monday, April 18, 2011

"Beautiful Bacterium" ~ Kokeshi Doll #2

The concept of this was inspired by Maren's comment on my (Cyclical) Food Chain Matroyshka dolls, as well as waking up one morning, and feeling the need to make DNA strands out of Sculpey (um, perhaps this was slightly over ambitious I'm afraid...).
Regardless, it made me think that perhaps bacterium//bacteria can be perceived as something beautiful....with their wispy flagellum//flagella as an accessory, or resembling some sort of regal Elizabethan collar (right, Michelle & Sheena?!)! Ahhaahahahaaaaaa ;P

Here's the process!

Rough sketch...


Base coat...

Pencil sketch and more paint...

Painting in progress...

(...Was not entirely satisfied - needs a little something more...)

Added more paint all around...and then applied varnish...

Sculpey DNA and Ribosome baked...

 Time to fit in the Sculpy DNA strands and Ribosome, and felt Cytoplasm...

Personalized message at the bottom...

Homemade card...

Tschüss, little one!


  1. It is the most beautiful and most precious bacterium I ever met and I am so happy that is lives with me now -- thank you one milion times!!

  2. Long live beautiful bacteria, lungs and limbs!

  3. Martin: :D that you <3!
    Maren: Aww, you're most welcome a bizillion! xoxo
    N: Merci!!! :D p.s. I want a gypsy meet up!! :O

  4. Haha. Awesome! & so true, so true. Bacteria can be beautiful :) The details are just topnotch! You should check out the structure of a bacteriophage, it's the coolest thing ever!

    MMMMM <3 all your dolls!

  5. Michelle: I just checked out the bacteriophage! It is sooo cool! :D
    You're too kind I say, thank you ever so much!

  6. Your small figures are very cute, and that painting second from the bottom......and it's nice with that litte luggage they carry inside.

  7. Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Tack så mycket! :)
    Yes, it is fun thinking of what to put in as luggage! ;) heeheee

  8. You are just amazing :D If I should be infected with any bacteria it should definately be yours. & loving your home!

  9. Sheena: Aww you're too sweet! Tak! Hope you're having a lovely Easter! :*
    Maja: Heeheee, tusen takk! ;D