Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday in the West End

It was a blustery gray day of hail and wet snow, however here are a few things that made the day a bit brighter....

A tree adorned with Easter eggs:

Fresh baked goods:

A (poor) chick who lost it's beak (awww):

Catching up with a good friend with a cup of tea and an orange blondie with cream cheese icing:

A 2 faced rock made by my friend's nephew (ohhhh how I wish I made this!):

Hope you had a happy Sunday too!


  1. that rock is the bomb. :) hope your week is as good as your weekend proved to be!

  2. kitchu: Hello! Isn't it though?! heehee ;D
    Thank you, I hope so too!
    Hope you're having a lovely Monday!