Monday, April 4, 2011


...some where...
.. ....some time in March, my heart has not been into photography at all.*
* Please let me clarify that I am alluding to my love for analog/instant photography.

For some strange reason, when I take a Pola, I feel a bit melancholy....and the action of it feels forced, therefore resulting in super schiesse results (not to mention, wasting precious film).

Perhaps it's too much to ask for all my creative stars to align as I've been busy painting and having other creative outlets in my spare time, but for what it's worth, I hope that "good feeling" comes back soon.


  1. i hope you have loads more "good feeling" with your other crative outlets than i do with mine (coding, coding, coding... no fun. no fun at all...).
    i snapped a 36mm film today within about 15 minutes. on the bridge and in the canal street. betwen picking up a car and driving home. just to have a film to try out new chemicals on. but when? maybe, if i finish all the program changes i have to write this weekend, there will still be time :(

    i hope that "good feeling" comes back soon, too! for you and for me and for all of "us".

  2. Tania/ihsus: Coding is not fun, but knowing you, you will have that done in no time! ;) I am looking forward to seeing the results of your 36mm! :)
    I shot a few polas on the weekend. I would much rather save my film and shoot our next gathering perhaps....still feels not 100%.
    Yes, I do hope that "good feeling" comes back for all of us tooo...a group hug and a giant brunch might just do the trick? ;*****

  3. name the time and place, and ---- y e s .