Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to Nature

It feels great to get back to nature.
A few weeks ago, I got to do just that at the Kortright Center for the Sugar Bush Maple Syrup Festival.

Here are some souvenirs I collected from that day.... ;)


  1. second best to being there is looking through your pictures...love all the details.

  2. ah beautiful! I totally agree: going back to nature is something that we all should do more often! :-)

  3. my parents house is right next to a lovely forest where i used to play all the time and i really miss spending more time there.
    will try to enjoy the house and surroundings during the Easter holidays,taking my nieces along to colect stuff for my work in progress herbarium and do a lot of photographing in the process :)

  4. ihsus/Tania: :* Vielen dank my sweet friend.

    Polly: Yes, you're so lucky that you have such beautiful nature in Finland! :)

    querido diário/Sara: I am looking forward to your photos then! xoxo

  5. kitchu: Thanks! It was fun collecting them. ;)