Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Berlin Souvenirs + Snail Mail Surprises

Here's a little collection of some things I brought home from Berlin....

As always,  it is super wonderful to receive snail mail, especially when one returns from an adventure overseas.

Here are 2 lovely surprises waiting for me in my mailbox....

One from N & E who left France to travel to South America for a year:

And the second surprise is a collection of brilliant music from the talented Piotr Kurek:

Have a peek at this incredible video by Piotr and Magdalena Sybon.

Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. ...not to mention ONE kilogram of Haribo Saftbäre, ha ha ha ha haaaa!!

  2. I must say I love all the little things you've brought home from Berlin, but the biscuit fox is beyond amazing! :-)

  3. Maren: My luggage was abit heavy from all the candy....!!! :S

    Polly: Heehee, grazie! Except it's a German Sheppard...awww.... ;)