Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wohnzimmer - Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

A lovely day spent with M where we stopped here for a late afternoon beer...

This was my second time at Wohnzimmer (my first visit was 2 years ago), and it's still one of my favourite "go to" cozy places in Berlin. :)


  1. Irene: I think you would love it there, Irene! ;D

  2. You should call it pre-dinner beer instead of late afternoon beer. My mom might read this, hee hee...

    Thank you for a wonderful day!! Miss you!!

  3. Maren: Yes, I really like pre-dinner drinks I must say! ;) Oh, and I hope your Mom likes what she's reading!

    Nooo, thank you...and I'm missing you right back! xoxo

  4. mishkebob/Michelle: It's a Leica lens on a small point and shoot. :P